Unit 2 Benefits

CUPE 4600 Unit 2 represents all Contract Instructors at Carleton University.

The Co-VPs for Unit 2 can be reached at vp.unit2@cupe4600.ca. The position of Chief Steward for Unit 2 is currently vacant, so any requests for assistance should be sent to info@cupe4600.ca

The Unit 2 Collective Agreement can be found here. Any other questions or requests for assistance should be sent to info@cupe4600.ca

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Health and Dental Benefits

CUPE 4600 has negotiated a comprehensive Health & Dental Benefits plan for all Contract Instructors at Carleton University. This plan includes vision care, travel insurance, extended health benefits, a drug plan, and other coverage.

During terms that you are teaching as a CI, you will receive an email from the plan provider, Canadian Benefits Consulting Group (CanBen). This email will provide details on the plan and instructions on how to access your benefits. It will also detail how to opt out of the benefits plan, if that is your preference.

If have not received an email from CanBen, please contact your union at bao@cupe4600.ca


Looking for easy access to counselling services without leaving your desk or your home?

Please see the attached, or your CUPE 4600-2 benefit website, for information on this new electronic counselling service being offered to all Health & Dental Plan Members.


You’ve worked a lifetime accumulating retirement funds.

As you begin planning for your retirement, how do you take best advantage of your income to minimize taxes?

How and when you access income can save you tens of thousands of tax dollars.

A discounted rate of $75 gives you unlimited access for a year to a program you can use to calculate scenarios based on your assets to maximum your income and minimize taxes.


Available to all CUPE 4600-2 Members, whether you have a contract or not.

Affordable coverage with premiums deducted from your bank account by semester.

Only $48 per semester for $100,000 of coverage.

Coverage is also available for $200,000 or $300,000, and Family coverage.


Rates are increasing between 10% and 25% depending on your province of residence, your coverage level, and whether or not you have a contract.

The increase is slightly higher than standard annual inflation for health costs, due in part to the past experience, and partly due to the fixed employer contribution from the University, which has not increased since the inception of the plan in 2014.

Increasing the employer’s contribution in line with inflation, the growth of Local’s membership, and with other similar programs is a high priority for the Trustees in the upcoming bargaining.

For more details on the employer contribution level, please contact your Bargaining Committee.

Opting out

If you wish to Opt Out of the Plan, please provide proof of alternate insurance coverage by the deadline indicated in the enrollment email you will receive from Canadian Benefits. Acceptable proof: copy of your alternate insurance ID card or other proof of coverage, such as an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from a paid claim. Confirmation of opt out will be sent at the end of the Enrollment period

Do you have more questions about your benefits?

you can contact CanBen directly by emailing enrol@canben.com

You can also reach Can Ben by phone at: 416-488-7755
Toll Free: 1-800-268-0285

Tuition Waiver

The Tuition Waiver Program is for Contract Instructors who are members of CUPE 4600, (Unit 2). To apply, an eligible Contract Instructor makes a written application with the Tuition Waiver directly to Human Resources who will verify the Instructor’s eligibility and forward the application to the Business Office. The Tuition Waiver may be applied to courses at either the graduate or undergraduate level. You can download a copy of the waiver and get more information about eligibility here.

Library and Computing Services Access

All Contract Instructors may access Carleton’s library and computing services upon providing proof they have have been hired to teach a course or courses in the upcoming Academic Year.

Access to Athletic Facilities

Contract Instructors have free access to Carleton’s Athletic & Physical Recreation Centre during from the start of their appointment to the end of the academic year in which that appointment occurred.

Professional Development fund

For information about the Professional Development Fund, please click here