Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting 2023

Our Annual General Meeting will take place on April 26th, at 6pm.

The AGM is when we elect our new executive board and executive council.  All members in good standing will be able to vote for their new executives, and are welcome to run for board and council positions. A separate email containing detailed instructions on the nominations process will be sent to you.

The AGM is also where the current executive board will submit their final board reports, where we will be presented with the budget for the upcoming year, and where we present the recipients of the Stuart Ryan Solidarity Award.  This year we will also be announcing the results of the ratification vote at the AGM.

This year the AGM will once again take place online, via zoom. You will receive more information in the coming days, including board reports, a meeting agenda, executive board nominations, and copies of motions that may be presented at the meeting. Stay tuned!

Ratification vote

Tentative Deals Reached!

The elected bargaining teams of both units have reached a tentative deal with the University after seven months of bargaining. A ratification vote will take place for both units by April 30th.  More information about these tentative deals and the ratification vote coming soon.

Strike Pay

The strike deadline for both units is coming up soon (Monday, March 27th, 2023).

In order to ensure everyone is signed up for strike pay and picketing shifts, we would encourage you to sign up for both now, so that no one is left scrambling at the strike deadline.

Here is our FAQ about strike pay, and how it works.

There are two forms to fill out for strike pay and picketing shifts

1) The first form goes to CUPE National. It is your Strike Pay registration form.

2) The second form goes to CUPE 4600. It contains the registration for online picket pay payments, as well as picketing shifts signups.

Both of these forms have been emailed to the membership. You can find them in your inbox, and in the latest CUPE 4600 Digest. If you are having difficulties finding the forms, please email

Members who are unable to participate in the pickets but are still planning on taking part in the strike can fill out our accommodations forms to request alternative strike duties. Reasons for not participating in picket lines can be related to accessibility/disability, as well as for a number of other reasons (such as our numerous members who do not live in Ottawa). The accommodations forms was emailed to all members, and can be found in the latest CUPE 4600 digest. If you are having difficulties finding the form, please email

Strike Vote Results

Votes have been counted, then re-counted, and then counted again. Both Units of CUPE 4600 have given strong strike mandates to their bargaining teams. Unit 1 (Teaching Assistants and Research Assistants) have voted 93% in favour of giving their bargaining team a strike mandate. Unit 2 (Contract Instructors) have voted 95% in favour of giving their bargaining team a strike mandate. These are strong mandates, and important leverage for the ongoing bargaining round.

What does this mean for the union? Are we going on strike now? Will negotiations with the employer continue? 

We are not currently on strike, but we are now one step closer to having a strike as a legal option. Our negotiations at the bargaining table are continuing for now. Both teams have now met with their appointed conciliator. 

We see your hard work!

We appreciate all of our volunteers, everyone who worked a shift at the voting booths, everyone who put up posters, encouraged their coworkers to vote, and helped make this strike vote as successful as it was.

Downloadable Resources

Below are some resources that we have made available for download. Please feel free to print and distribute these, hang them up in your office, or share them with your coworkers.

New resources will continue to be added here as they become available.

The bargaining process, and glossary of terms

CUPE 4600 newsletter  (First issue)

Strike FAQ

Contract Instructor auto-response template

Context about why we are headed for job action

Strike pay FAQ

A Fair Deal for CUPE 4600

CUPE 4600 is currently engaged in bargaining with Carleton University. The Collective Agreements representing Contract Instructors, Teaching Assistants, and Research Assistants expired at the end of the summer, and we are negotiating a new deal for members.

We are asking CUPE 4600 members to sign on to this open letter, calling on Carleton to offer a fair deal for you and your colleagues.

Read moreA Fair Deal for CUPE 4600