Preparing for a strike

As we get closer to the strike deadline, it is important to get prepared for job action. On this page you will find tips on getting ready to strike

Get set up for strike pay: there are forms to fill out to assure that you will be receiving strike pay

Let the Strike Committee know if you require accommodations on the picket line, or if you need alternative strike duties. contact to receive the accommodations form

Get trained to be a picket captain: picket captains help ensure we have safe and well organized picket lines. Our next training is on Monday, March 20th at 6pm. Contact to sign up as a picket captain, and to get the link for the training

Here are a few other things that you and your colleagues can consider/do immediately to prepare for job action:

  • Download a copy of your grades and then prepare to either hide them or remove them from Brightspace;
  • Prepare to remove any course materials from Brightspace;
  • Answer questions and give feedback in person rather than online;
  • Set up an auto-response in your email (link to example);
  • Consider using class time to educate students on bargaining and priority issues still on the table (e.g., your working conditions are their learning conditions).
  • Check in with your TA(s) (if applicable) to make sure you’re on the same page and ensure students are getting consistent updates and instructions on how they can support their CIs and TAs and the Bargaining Teams!