Meet the Bargaining Teams

Meet the CUPE 4600 Unit 2 Bargaining Team, who are tasked with negotiating directly with Carleton during the 2022 bargaining round! (Information about the Unit 1 Bargaining Team coming soon)

Cheryl Cundell (lead negotiator): Cheryl Cundell teaches communication skills to engineering students through the School of Linguistics and Language Studies. At the bargaining table, she plans to advocate for improvements to contract instructor working conditions, including a centralized accommodations process to address contract instructor accessibility needs, a significant increase to the base stipend, adequate teaching assistant support based on class size, and a match-defined contribution Registered Retirement Savings Plan.

Ryan Conrad: Dr. Ryan Conrad is an Adjunct Research Faculty member at the Feminist Institute of Social Transformation and teaches as a CI in both the Women’s and Gender Studies and Human Rights Programs. He has been teaching university courses since 2013 and this is his third year at Carleton. Having taught at other universities, he is keen to work on making changes to the collective agreement that sees Carleton catch up to where most other institutions already are and have been for years.

Noreen Cauley: Noreen is the President of CUPE 4600, currently serving her second term, and is a TA in the geography department.

Sarah Fiander: Sarah is the VP Internal for the local, and sits on both bargaining teams. She is serving her second term on the executive board of the local.

Patti Kmiec: Patti is a former Chief Steward for the local, and is currently serving as the chair of the Mobilization Committee.

Lori Stinson: Lori Stinson currently teaches courses in critical criminological theory, gendered violence, and ecological justice for the Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice. For over 20 years she has been teaching criminology, political science, sociology, human justice, and feminist and gender studies here and at other universities. She was also active, and then employed by other local labour organizations prior to moving to Ottawa. Her principal bargaining concerns are wage parity with other institutions; secure, ongoing, comprehensive and employer sponsored benefits including pensions; accommodation and leave provisions in line with other bargaining units; student/TA/instructor ratios; and intellectual property.