​Info Picket (Tuesday, September 13th, 10am, main entrance):

Info Picket (Tuesday, September 13th, 10am, main entrance): Time to take up some space on campus! We are meeting up on September 13th at 10am for our first info-picket of this bargaining round. The meet-up point is at the main entrance to campus (on Bronson). We’ll have some union flags, signs, and banners for you. We are going to be visible, we’ll hand out information to the broader Carleton community, and we’ll make sure the administration knows that although we are committed to getting a good deal at the bargaining table, we are ready to spring into action if necessary. 

* an info-picket is a bit different from a regular picket. We are not on strike, and are not currently in a strike position. At an info-picket, the goal is not to prevent the campus from functioning. Rather the goal will be to make ourselves visible, and ensure the campus community is aware of our campaign to improve our working conditions.