General Membership Meeting

The General Membership Meetings are where all members of the union can get updated about the recent work of the union, ongoing projects, and ways to get involved. It is also where the membership gets to give direction to the executive board and help run the union.

The General Membership Meetings are a great way to get to know your union, and to find ways to get involved.

With a the current bargaining round starting, it is increasingly important for members to be plugged in, and connected to the bargaining process. Over the next several months we will be looking for guidance from the membership on issues like bargaining proposals, a strike vote, a strike deadline, and several other important issues that will ensure that this bargaining round ends with some gains made for the membership. 

The meetings are open to members of both units, and as with all of our meetings during this pandemic, the summer GMM will be held online. A zoom link will be emailed to the membership shortly.