Trans Fund

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What is the Trans Fund? 

The CUPE 4600 Trans Fund was created in 2018 to provide financial assistance to Trans CUPE 4600 members. Under typical circumstances, the fund is intended to cover expenses associated with being Trans (e.g. name changes, travel, etc.).

Trans CUPE 4600 members (units 1 and 2) can apply for the Trans Fund by completing this form. Applications will be reviewed weekly during the month of April (or until funds or exhausted) by the Trans Fund Committee, who then go on to select recipients.

The CUPE 4600 Trans Fund accepts donations year-round from members and non-members. However, the recent and ongoing COVID-19 developments and related public health measures have resulted in an increased need for emergency funding for our Trans members. As such, we are sending this note out to the Carleton community as a reminder that the Trans Fund accepts donations year-round, and to ask those of you with the resources to do so to consider making a donation at this time. To do so, please contact our treasurer.

Who can access it? 
The fund is for any Trans member of CUPE 4600.  Contract Instructors retain membership in CUPE 4600 for two years after the last class they taught, and Teaching Assistants retain membership for a year after they have last worked as a TA. 

How is the fund accessed? 
By filling out this form.

Then, three times per year (September 30, January 31, May 31), the fund committee will look at all the applications received and select recipients. 

What if it is an emergency?

If you need to access the fund in an emergency, please email 

Who oversees this fund? 

The fund is administered by a committee made up of CUPE 4600 members. Most of the committee’s current members are trans, and efforts will be made to keep it that way. If you are interested in helping out with the committee, please contact us. 

The name I use is not the same as my legal name, will this be an issue? 

That’s not a problem. If you are selected as a recipient of the fund we may need your legal name in order to cut you a cheque, but it will not be shared. 

I want to donate to the fund

Right on! get in touch with our treasurer to make a donation to the fund.