BIPOC caucus – first meeting

Wednesday, July 13th

Black, Indigenous, and Racialized Members caucus

We are excited to announce the creation of a new caucus in CUPE 4600: the Black, Indigenous, and Racialized Members caucus.

What is this caucus?

This new caucus is for members who identify as being Black, Indigenous, or otherwise racialized, and would like to come together as union activists to promote the issues that affect BIPOC members of CUPE 4600. The local’s caucuses are spaces where members can come together around shared issues or identities and plan events, protests, socials, and ensure that CUPE 4600 is truly representing the needs of all members.

Why does this caucus exist?

In recent years, CUPE 4600 has been working to better the accessibility and membership representation of the organization. One part of this process has been the creation of an Equity Trustee position. The Equity Trustee submits yearly reports to the CUPE 4600 Executive Board with recommendations on improving the local. One of the recommendations of our Equity Trustee reports was the creation of a caucus for BIPOC members.

Chair Elections

We’ll have to elect a chairperson for this caucus. The caucus chair is responsible for setting the meeting dates, coming up with an agenda, helping to recruit members to the caucus, and ensuring the caucus is running smoothly. If you are interested in this role, you can respond to this email to let us know. The election will happen at the first meeting of the caucus.

First meeting of the caucus 
The first meeting of the caucus will be on Wednesday, July 13th. We will send you a meeting link, agenda, and any other necessary materials ahead of the meeting. 
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